Is Life A Bitch ?

we almost say that

   First , I think that life is not fair , because of who am I , succesfull people don t . let s see why ?

   The answer is simple , life exists for everybody ; and give chances to everybody But I have to say that it doesn t give you the opportunity to do what you want (it does that for some persons ) , these persons didn t do anything big , just a well known idea , they say it and apply it of course , and life give some things which we call (luck) we take as an example : MALALA , most of the world know that education is so important , of course we are not animals , she cames and tell them 1 plus 1 gives 2 and here is the role of life some terrorists came and try to kill her , and this is the first deviation point , second she went to UAE and then to LONDON where she found people who care about humanity and women after that all the world know MALLALA now . european can t imagine that a 15 years old can be killed by terrorists for just an idea ! and we know that everything innormal become well known , why all pakistanian children who was killed doesn t become famous !

   I want to ask a question , if she didn t went to london , if terorists didn t try to kill her , does she become as famous as now ? I am sorry malala but i will say it , they made you but by the help of life too . Some people will say this is ugly from me but think about it .

   Now we return to her , because you are thinking of what i think now , if she didn t have the insistance for her point of vue let s don t say her idea , life wouldn t give her this

So for  people who don t believe in life , and live like that , it will not give them anything , which i call small things always bring to great things .

Just be simple , have the faith, with courage , with insistance , because if you decide to be killed for an idea which is included in life , life will do anything and everything to hold to check your lovely way of life , life loves who loves her , cares about who want to let her become more beautiful and care about it .

     So do like Malala , beleive and try to do something which is loved by european not others because others don t care even if you become spiderman , and let Life gives you there help but try to walk with her flow .

                                                                        CHIC PART

                                                               MY FIRST FREE WRITING

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