Life is Inevitable

by kaydrien lamica

Life is just a dream,

A hazy, foggy image of your hopes and past.

Things you hope to happen,

Things you hope to last.

As you lay there numb from the consequential effect of slumber,

You start your fantasies, you forget tim.

Your absence in your mind is condemned,

As if your mind is telling you "it's alright keep going!"

But then there's bad times.

There's times where your life is more compatible with a nightmare.

To have a never ending horror film,

The feeling of trepidation fills your trembling soul.

Everything you see puts you in a petrified state,

Your way of thought, just descends.

Descending into a spiraling path of obscurity,

Your remorse for even laying your head on your pillow that night,

Grows bigger than the sorrow in your heart.

Yet through all the inevitable pain,

There's still a glimmer of happiness in your eyes.

And then you start to wonder,

Is this a nightmare or a dream?

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3 years ago

I love it and the song matches it perfectly!