How To Love Your Poet In 10 Easy Steps

1. Kiss her everyday and don't be surprised when she writes 10 poems just on the way your lips taste. Ask her to read them all to you.

2. Even if you suck at writing, write her a poem. I promise you she will love it.

3. Buy her flowers. If she likes flowers. If she likes books buy her books if she likes wine buy her wine. You can find out what she likes because she has written it all down.

4. If someone calls her the feminist girl or  the crazy depressed woman just kiss her on the cheek and tell her you love her anyway. Laugh about the term "feminist girl" with her as tears fall down her face.

5. Never tell her she's "beautiful but..." because she is beautiful. Just beautiful. Let her know because she will sometimes forget.

6. Be prepared for when she is sad because it will be darker than any storm you've ever been in. Promise her the roots of your love will only grow stronger as her tears water them.


8. When she is mad at you, get down on your knees and kiss eight of her fingers. Be sure to leave 2 fingers free so she can still say "fuck you" even if she means "please don't leave."

9. Please. Don't. Leave.

10. Love your poet.