A New Beginning

Christian Watson

8th American History

1) Manifest Destiny- US citizens and people around the world looked for a new way to get money fast.  Americans and immigrants looked for a new start out west.

2)  War of 1812-  A war between America and Britain was caused by Britain violating America's neutral rights. It ends in a stalemate, but the real losers are the Native Americans because they helped Great Britain in the war. The Native Americans lose the trust of America.

3) Louisiana Purchase- French sold land to the United States to afford the war with Britian

4) Mexican-American War- US provoked the Mexicans into war. American troops made Mexico attack the US to capture the West.

5) Industrial Revolution- The cotton gin and other useful inventions that helped make work easier. These inventions reduced labor in the factories and got work done more efficiently.

6) Indian Removal Act- Passed in 1830 to move Native American tribes to the Indian territory. This lead to the Trail of Tears, the long and dreadful journey to the new land.

7) Thomas Jefferson- A president that encouraged a weak government

8) California Gold Rush- In 1849 people came from around the world to explore California, gold and a new start.

9) George Washington and John Adams- Two presidents that encouraged staying out of foreign affairs

10) XYZ Affair and Alien Sedition Act- Acts against foreigners


Texas and The Alamo-

                    Most of the population in Texas were Mexican immigrants. Stephen F. Austin got permission from the Mexican government to start a new colony along with 300 American families. Mexico offered low prices for land to attract people looking for land. In 1830, Americans took over Texas. General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna destroyed the constitution and took over the Mexican government and became the dictator and stopped all American emigration. This angered Americans who wanted independence in Texas. In 1835,Mexico sent troops into San Antonio to take down rebels. Santa Anna and his army took down the few rebels at the Alamo after a long and hard battle. In April 1836, Texas troops formed and held a surprise attack on Santa Anna and defeated Santa and his army. In May, Santa signed a treaty and gave Texas it's independence from Mexico and they never attack Texas again.

Going West Timeline

America's Runaround

                                                       Christian Watson

                     The Indian Removal Act was passed in Congress by President Andrew Jackson that shall move Native Americans out west to the Indian Territory. There have been rumors that President Andrew Jackson has forced this law into Congress without anyone having a say. The Native Americans tried everything to not give up their land and the most resistant tribe was the Cherokee. Georgians are looking for areas to grow cotton and to find gold and riches.  Jackson's reasoning for moving the Native Americans was a chance for them to decrease conflict between the Native Americans and the white men. The second reason was because he claims that the Cherokee were not civilized. The Cherokee had their own language, constitution and even their own newspaper. We have taken a poll on whether people think this was wrong to move the Native Americans or if it was right, 65% said that it was wrong and 35% said it was right. President Jackson will speak on his decision tomorrow. That's all for America's Runaround, make sure to pick up a copy tomorrow!!


Tecumseh's Curse

-Tecumseh (March 1768 – October 5, 1813)

           Tecumseh was a former leader of the Shawnee tribe and also a leader of a tribe confederacy. Tecumseh's tribe ruled the Ohio Valley and when they ran into Americans moving west there was much conflict. Indiana Governor Harrison attacked Tecumseh’s tribe at the Tippecanoe River. Harrison won and this lead to Tecumseh's alliance with Great Britain. The war of 1812 was declared in the spring of 1812. The war lead to a stalemate but the real losers were Tecumseh and his people. Tecumseh was captured at the Battle of the Thames and right before he died he cursed all the " Great White Fathers". Governor Harrison was elected president in 1840. Harrison got pneumonia  after the election and died 32 days later. This curse had killed many presidents until the curse was broken when President Bush helped a native tribe.

Hang-town Fry Recipe

A Hangtown is an famous omlette from the California Gold Rush in 1849


1 egg, beaten
1 tablespoon milk or cream
3 raw shucked fresh (live) oysters*
Breading Mixture (mixture of cracker crumbs and bead crumbs)
Vegetable Oil or butter (I like to use butter)
2 slices thick-sliced bacon
2 whole eggs


Pat the shucked oysters dry with paper towels to remove moisture.

In a small bowl, beat egg with the milk or cream. Dip the oysters in the egg/milk mixture and then the Breading Mixture.

In a frying pan, heat the vegetable oil or butter. Add the oysters and fry for about 30 seconds on each side or until three-fourths (3/4) cooked, remove from heat and put it aside.

While frying the oysters, fry the bacon in another skillet until just before the bacon becomes crisp.

In a small bowl, beat the eggs lightly and  set aside.

Place the bacon (like railroad tracks off-center) in a large frying pan over low heat, pour a small amount of the beaten egg over the top of the bacon. Place the partially cooked oysters on top of the bacon and then pour the remaining beaten eggs over the top. Cook for about  2 minutes or until the eggs are set (eggs are done when creamy, soft and a bit runny but do not overcook). Then fold the omelets over the oysters. Place a lid over it and cook just until the steam mixes together all the flavors.

( whatscookingamerica.net)

By the Numbers

4,000 Cherokee died on Trail of Tears

180 Texan troops at the Alamo

90,000 people went to California's Gold rush

Andrew Jackson forced the Indian Removal act through Congress

The Indian Removal Act was unconstitutional but Jackson over ruled

The Mormon Trail was travelled by 12,000 pilgrims looking for religious freedom

Presidents George Washington and John Adams were federalists which believed in a strong government

President George Washington set a precedent for the future presidents by being a strong president and later spending time with family

President Monroe issued the Monroe Doctrine which said the United States would not mess with  European colonies in  America and European nations would no longer try to colonize America.

Joseph Smith founded a new religion called Mormonism and Smith’s Book of Mormon caused a lot of conflict and lead to his death.


     The Mormon religion was founded by a man named Joseph Smith in 1830 after he saw a vision of Jesus and God the Father telling him to create a religion called Mormonism. Smith wrote The Book of Mormonism that lead to a lot of conflict and in 1844, Smith was killed by an angry mob. Mormons were afraid to express their religion in public and looked for religious freedom.  When Joseph Smith died, Brigham Young took over and decided the Mormons should move west to the Great Salt Lake in Utah Territory. The Mormon trail was traveled by 12,000 Mormons in 1846.


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