Diversity-Hate Crimes in Alabama

Defenition of Hate Crimes,and Diversity

A hate crime is a criminal act againist someone judged on how they look,smell,or if they just stand out from other people.

Diversity is when you are excepted as who you are no what what shape, size, or color you are.(hate crimes are the exact opposite of diversity.)

Why do people commit hate crimes in Alabama?

People commit hate crimes because he/she thinks everybody needs to be the same.They commit these crimes because they are jeaulous,needy,stuborn,and most of all they are MEAN!

How can adults stop Hate crimes in Alabama

Adults can volunteer at a shelter,where the victims of hate crimes are protectedAdults are also the main ones committing hate crimes,maybe they have something in the past that is driving them to commit hate crimes today.  Just think if they could get professinal help,that would have a good chance of them NOT committing hate crimes.Another way adults can stop hate crimes is researching more and then go into an official study about hate crimes

How can young people stop hate crimes in America

Young people are usually the victims of hate crimes so I suggest them not going on websites that might give people an idea.Also they can help  by not putting themselves out in the open,vulnerable that would help out alot.Young people can also voluteer at shelters,do projects about hate crimes and show it to the town,so then more people would be involve in stopping hate crimes.

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