Roman army

by Martha marsh

Joining the roman army

The roman army was made up of 5000 men who had volunteered or had been forced to join the roman army or some people had joined becuase there lands  had been  conquered by the romans so they volunteered. Most men were around the age  of 18- 20 years old when they joined the army.

The legion was the main part Of the army which was made up of  5000 and They were under control of the legate.

If  you wanted to become a soldier you had to be a roman citizen and you had to be physically fit and you had to be 1.6 meters tall. And once you were in the army you were expected to stay in it  for 25 years so you couldn't just go in it and then get sick of it after a year, you had to stay for 25 years and if you tried to escape they would hunt you down and kill you or they would go to your family and kill them.

Training was very tough, the soldiers would have to go on three thirty kilometre  marches each month and on each March the soldiers would have to Cary around 30 kilos, they would Cary more than what the shield and swords weighed so that it would build up there strength, so that when it came to the fight they would feel like the equipment  was light.

This is a picture of the gear that the Romans would ware to fight in. such as Sandals, becuase it was really hot so they couldn't ware in closed shoes. They also had huge shields that would cover there hole body to protect them. They Also had javelins and they made them so that they would have ends that break as soon as they hit the ground so that the enemies couldnt pick them up and through then back at the romans.

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