The Test

by: Peggy Kern
project by: Kordell Simpson
where will she turn? Who will she tell? What will she do?

This book is a great example of some struggles teenangers face all the time. Lyselle mason meets a new boy named "Oscar" at a party and really comes to like him. Through this relationship the only way she feels to be able to keep him is by making many mistakes, the one that will effect her whole life forever. For weeks she ignores the changes in her body and acts like nothings wrong. Even though this is a problem you cannot run from. Oscar is the antagonist in this book due to his immature way of thinking. e does not care that his girlfriend is pregnant nor does he want to support her in any way.

Lyselle is a protagonist due to the fact she wants to get rid of the baby, However, she decides to grow up and take care of her child. She is the main character. She is very independent which is seen in this book due to her loosing many friends when becoming  a teenage mother. The theme of this book is to choose your mistakes wisely because if you don't, it can result of something that sticks with you forever.

To my unborn baby.
I lay at night knowing it'll be alright.
I watch you on the black and white screen,
Thinking will you're eyes be brown or green.
I hear you're heartbeat and seen you're feet.
I love you so much, And have never felt you're touch.
Soon I'll see you're face but not for a couple days.
I will love you Always…

This is one of many poems that expresses unexpected pregnancy. Lyselle feels lonely, abandoned and regrets Oscar ever getting her pregnant. I highly recommend this book to all teenagers. Most teenagers believe they know what they are doing until they regret their decisions that cant be changed.

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