Run for your LIVES !!! - C9

WIK/What I Know

  • Stephy Rozer is on the cheerleading squad
  • Brock is dating a girl named Emily
  • 7 texts from Tom to Nikki
  • Nikki's house is destroyed
  • There is a hurricane in the gulfzone
  • Nikki's dad hasn't paid the electric bill
  • There is no electricity in Nikki's house
  • Hurricane can be Catergory 5
  • There is another hurricane near the Caribbean
  • Lot of people died, during the hurricane
  • There is another article about Gwen's house

SOE/Sequence Of Events

  • Stephy complimented Nikki on her glasses
  • Nikki is calling Tom
  • Nikki's parents weren't answering when Nikki called
  • Nikki's mom is watching the news
  • Nikki's mom is tearing up


Nikki's mom : Nikki's mom seems to be a kindhearted person. When she heard about all the people dying because, of the hurricane.She started crying for them. Some people would feel pity for them and then change the channel.But she is shedding tears for people she doesn't even know.

Tom Harris : Tom seems to care a lot for Nikki. But, its kind of sad that Tom doesn't get the very same care from Nikki.I just wish Nikki would do the same thing to Tom.

Snap Shot

I am using this picture for my "snap shot" because, there is a hurricane going on now, which is killing a lot of people.