Being vigorous is like a mosquito searching for a bloody dinner. We all at some point are determined. Mosquitoes are determined to find food, Fire fighters are determined to save people and I am determined to stand out. When you are determined you are intent on achieving a goal. Everyone is determined, you might not know it but at some point in life you are. "Our greatest glory is not in ever falling but in rising every time we fall." Being vigorous is more than just being determined, it is also about being powerful, eager and even passionate. "An individual is but a silent spark when they must stand alone, but when others stand beside them, that simple spark becomes a vigorous flame."(Deanne Lee) We all have a special gift; some of you know yours and some of you are determined to find it.  Everyday I am determined to do something, yesterday I was determined to have fun, today I and determined to finish my homework and tomorrow I am determined to not fall asleep in class. "You and me together, we can make it better." This lyric reminds me of  being vigorous because you are stronger as two than one. Amelia Earhart was vigorous because she was determined to be the first pilot to fly around the world. She was passionate about being a pilot and she wanted to put that passion to use by flying around the world. Being determined will help me in the future Because in any occupation you need to be determined to succeed. Everyone, including animals are vigorous. We should always strive to do our best and we will succeed.

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