Persuasive Essay

You are sleeping in your room at night when you suddenly hear weird noises. You begin to question who it may be, and then the doubt begins to creep in. Is it a burglar? You hate that feeling of insecurity inside your own house. The world needs good people so kindness, friendship, laughter, hope and joy are attracted to everyone's life. With all of this, the world would be a wonderful and beautiful place with zero worries.

With more good people in the world, there would be no worries over family members getting hurt. If the world had more good people, then there will no longer be any criminals wandering around your neighborhood seeking for trouble. Smiles would also become more common all over the entire word. There have been cases where people committed suicide because no one smiled at them. So, as I previously mentioned, bringing in more good people will add more smiles into our world. Therefore, less suicides will be committed. The world is as good as it is now, because if we all become happy, and joy full, eventually boredom will overcome the world. Many jobs will also be lost, such as policeman, Judges, because these people are in charge of taking care of the bad people, but bad people will no longer be roaming around the world.

The world needs good people to get rid of all bad and let the world become a paradise. With good people, chances are that there will be no more criminals, or worries between families. Society needs to get rid of bitterness by beginning to smile more often, or at least greet out of heart. Random acts of kindness will also help boost our self esteems.

Recommendation Letter

To whom it may concern,

I met Ilianna in the beginning of 9th grade in English class. Whenever our teacher would assign group projects, we would usually pair up together. Ilianna is also enrolled in the AVID program at our school. Working with Ilianna at different times has demonstrated to me that she is a very reliable group mate.

Illianna also has many good skills, such as being very organized, and on time. In order to keep her school papers on track, she carries a 3 in. binder with her at all times. She rarely throws away any of her papers just in case she will need it in some future. With all of this, Ilianna was able to manage to maintain a good GPA which will definitely help her for other things in life. For example, working at hospital requires you to be able to handle paper work the right way which is something that Ilianna does have.

Ilianna would be perfect for the job position, because she is very gentle, which is ideal because she will be working with babies. I have also noticed  through the whole year that Ilianna is an excellent worker especially when under pressure which is perfect, because sometimes things can go wrong during a deliverance, so having her around will definitely help a lot. These are a few of the reasons why I would recommend  Ilianna as a neonatal nurse.

Daisy Garcia

Letter of Intent

Garcia, Daisy Yasmine

12345 Sesame Street

Wonderland, Woods 76543

May 18, 2015

Miguel Angel Trevizo, Nurse


2412 Franklin Ave

Hospital, Health 89123

Dear Miguel Angel Trevizo:

I am a current student enrolled at El Dorado 9th Grade Academy with a GPA of 3.8 with 3 Pre-AP classes, an engineering course, and an AVID program. This program has implanted many life long skills in me such as organization. Organization is a main one because with that skill, you are able to accomplish many things. Such as being on time to every single one of your liabilities, keeping your grades high, and maintaining a very good reputation. Having my good communication skills in your hands can definitely help your company.

In order to be able to become an outstanding obstetrician you need excellent communication skills because it can mean a baby's life, or a mother's life. The ability to be able to stay germ free and clean is also another requirement that this job needs. Especially since you will be surrounded by newborns half the time. Another major factor is trying not to stay too emotionally attached to your patients is also a main point that way you don't affect your health. All of these that I have stated are things that I have and can give off. These are also things that are required by any hospital employer.

I have experience in this, because I attended a medical camp back in summer 2014. The camp was held during the summer at Texas Tech. The camp lasted a total of six days. During these six days, we visited so many hospitals and performed many hands on tasks. This camp also required us to stay clean at all times which is very good because as young people we are beginning to develop to career skills that we will probably be using for a very long time.


Daisy Garcia


Daisy Garcia


1234 Sesame Street




To work at any hospital as an obstetric.


2005-2006 Rusk Elemtary

2006-2007 Paul C. Moreno

2007-2011 Tippin Elementary

2011-2013 Hornedo Middle

2013-2014 Rafael Hernando

2014-2015 El Dorado 9th Grade Academy

1st Place Modern Oratory

AB Honor Roll 2005-2014

A Honor Roll 2014-2015



20 May 2012- 31 Mar 2013 (Cosmetics)


14 Jul 2013- Current Day (Server)


Good communication skills, works well under pressure, very organized