Evaluation Of Beef and Swine

Best Meat Picking


First look at the grade of the meat for lean and marbling cause the more marbling that the beef cut then would have most favor and juices. Which  would be good while the meat is cooking. Also look at the grade the store have put the cut of beef under cause the higher the grade the more meat quantity the cut of beef would have.

Also look to see if have expired date cause the fresher the meat is better.


Also look at the grade of the cut of meat which is based off the lean meat and yield. The degrees of muscle which are thin or thick. Cause the more lean on the cut of meat is better cause it adds favor to the meat while it cooking in the form the buyer what to cook it.


When picking the right and good cuts of poultry is by first looking at the quantity of the meat. Mostly all poultry sold in the store are grade A cause grade B and C are  not sold in stores. Also look at the fat and flesh to see if they are well ideal.

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