­čî║The Nature Conservancy­čî║

Mission: To conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends on.

They work with local communities and businesses to protect and conserve nature. They join forces with governments and nonprofit organizations across the world. 80.2% of there money goes towards conservation projects, 11.4% of their money goes towards administration, and 8.3% of money goes towards fundraising.

Where are they located?

The Nature Conservancy has bases all over the world in Africa, Australia, Asia, Central America, Pacific Islands, Carribean, North America, South America, mad Europe. They most likely are located at some place in your own town.

Why Do They Do What They Do?

The Nature Conservancy does this to help nature and keep wild places wild. They do nothing out of greed and are here to help local businesses and the community. It is to help the health of our Earth.

This is a Formosan Yellow Tit. The Nature Conservancy helps to protect and preserve wild birds just like this one. You should help them protect and preserve nature by donating today by going to nature.org and remember, a little goes a long way!

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