Modern Day Star Crossed Lovers

By: Kamone' Hyman, Corey Fortson, & Raul Sorrosa

Star-crossed lovers

:refers to any lovers whose affection for each other is doomed to end in tragedy.

Twlight is a modern star  crossed lovers because Bella was human and Edward was a vampire, since she was human his family did not feel it was appropriate for them to date.

Many of tv show like The Simpson, Family Guy, and many more, have episodes regrading Romeo and Juliet this is a clip from Family Guy where Romeo was talking to Juliet through her window. Mos of the tv show have a comedy twist on the play.

Taylor swift's song "Love Song" is a great example of Romeo and Juliet background in a song, many other song have Romeo and Juliet background in them, Romeo and Juliet is one of the biggest love song inspiration.

The Fault in Our Star is a modern day movie of Romeo and Juliet; this is a a modern because of the the "lovers" die at the end of the movie.

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