Movie Merchandise 1

The movie Frozen would be my choice movie for the producers to make merchandise. Its about Anna and Kristoffs epic journey, encountering Everest-like conditions, and a hilarious snowman named Olaf in a race to find Anna's sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom in eternal winter. This was heavily promoted in on Facebook and trailers on the children TV channels making it very popular among the youth. The merchandise that would be made from this movie would be clothes, hair and make up products, shoes, school stuff, Halloween costumes, customized birthday party stuff and toys. The clothes would have the main characters on them or even designed around the characters by the color of style of shirt. For girls the hair styles of Anna and Elsa. There hair color to there eye shadow You could create a eye shadow for little girls of the color specially to the character, mostly likely Anna and Elsa colors. Shoes could be made to mimic the main characters shoes or be branded with pictures of the characters and this would work with both genders. School stuff would be in my opinion one of the most popular. You could do folders, notebooks, back packs, pencil cases, lunch box, water bottles and just about anything you could slap the pictures or colors of the main characters on. Halloween costumes are a must when dealing with animated movies and heavily promoting it specially for younger children. You would have Anna and Elsa for the girls. Kristoff and Olaf for the boys. Sense the movie was so popular for children, Frozen themed birthday parties would be the NEW thing. Decorations, dishes, pinatas, table covers, cheap party toys, confetti, balloons and many more Frozen inspired things would be made. For toys I think that it would be more for girls because dolls for the main characters would be the main thing. This Movie would make the most sense in creating merchandise that would make you a lot of money.

Movie Merchandise 2

The movie Gravity would be my choice of movie that wouldn't make merchandise. Dr. Ryan Stone is a brilliant medical engineer on her first shuttle mission, with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky. But on a seemingly routine spacewalk, disaster strikes. The shuttle is destroyed, leaving Stone and Kowalsky completely alone tethered to nothing but each other and spiraling out into the blackness. The deafening silence tells them they have lost any link to Earth and any chance for rescue. As fear turns to panic, every gulp of air eats away at what little oxygen is left. But the only way home may be to go further out into the terrifying expanse of space. This movie is promoted to appeal to adults. Not children or even most teens. As adults being the target for the movie, by adding older stars such as Sandra Bullock and George Clooney and the overall idea of the movie, they took into account that most adults don't wear shirts with bold pictures on them, obviously don't super theme birthdays and nor do they they buy an excessive amount of branded supplies, clothing etc. I believe it would be pointless to make merchandise for this movie because the target market the movie appeals to would have no interest in buying the merchandise. I think the only time you would put merchandise out for a movie is when the movie directly appeals to children and teens like in my example 1.

Top 3 Movie Strategies!

1- The top strategist in my opinion would be shows that appeal to the youth in our country. As a younger adult and growing up in a time where technically became so advanced extremely fast, I know that kids my age and younger are spending more and more time watching TV then people born in the 70's and down. If you really dig deep into the shows that are the biggest hits or most viewed they are shows that appeal to teenagers. But they also have to appeal to the different up coming generations. My generation and younger are shows like Jersey Shore, Myrtle Maner and Say Yes to The Dress. Generations before us were shows like Boy Meets World, That's so 70's Show, Fresh Prince of Belair, Home Improvement. These shows change with society and what is acceptable of teens in each generation.

2- Advertising the show right! The idea of using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. was possibly the most brilliant decision in these new years as social media sky rocketed. Putting shows that appeal to teens on networks were 99% of teens thrive on gave TV shows the opportunity to increase the number of views by insane numbers! Also giving people the ability to comment and influence other peoples decisions, getting the casts on these social networks and for fans to be able to talk to them and overall create a more personable experience for the fans or future fans of the TV show. When you make a person feel important and they get a good feeling for your show, you've hit the jack pot! It's a NEVER ENDING cycle of people telling people and when you have all these people having these amazing experiences or feelings it spreads until that number of negative feelings over weighs the positive feelings.

3- Keeping the shows main stream even when the next sense is a month or so from coming out. After month of waiting what keeps us interested every season? I think its the constant climatic scenes they put out there from the up coming season on all our favorite TV shows! Also for the people who weren't able to watch all the episodes they play the reruns of all the previous seasons. You're getting constant exposure to the TV show all year around and especially when waiting for the new season to start. This is what keeps us wanting more and staying loyal to one or more TV shows.

30 Seconds To Mars

The band consists of Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and Tomo Miličević.

The reason artists continue to sign with major record labels is because getting that big name slapped on to you when nobody but a few hundred know you is a HUGE thing. You go from locally known to world wide, as 30 Second To Mars had done. As they had talked about in the movie, promoting was gonna be the main factor. Jared Leto had said had even said without the record label, promoting this new album will take up his whole day, that's all he's gonna have time to do 24/7. Promoting on your own is probably the most difficult to do. A few independent artist had come out in the movie and I along with most of the class had no idea who they are and that's why promoting is so hard. Artists main goal is to have everyone here their music and know who they are but when you can't promote yourself enough, this is the result you have generation after generation not even hearing a beet from your music and you are eventually forgotten. But on the other hand you have the big record company and they hundreds of people working on promoting your stuff. They're able to travel the world promoting as well and they do this all while you focus entirely on making that one album. Now you go from local to world wide! The more people that here your music, the more possible fans you have, the more people buy merchandise or CD's, the more money you make. This doesn't just end, all this these things increase by the week, month and year and before you know it millions of albums of your music is being sold all over the world! Artists know exactly what they're signing when dealing with a major record company but for artists its so much more then making money! They really just want people to here and be touched by their music. They work day and night creating these albums and if you really think about the music that appeals to you is for simply enjoyment and it probably makes you feel good and that why you like that song or style of music etc.. Music in my opinion is a very powerful thing because it appeals to one of the most important senses that we take for granted everyday, sound! Being able to hear what goes on in the world is an amazing thing to me! The issue about music that 30 Seconds To Mars was, fought for and still is going through, is they don't get what they ANY money. These artists don't make music for money but when they are creating music that touches millions of people and bringing in tens or hundreds of millions of dollars I feel they should get a good portion of that. 30 Seconds To Mars showed that EMI was taking tons of money for ridiculous things. they were leaving the artists with no choice but to stay because they were left absolutely broke and these artists aren't regular people. 30 Seconds To Mars is one of the top bands in the whole world and all they wanted was a little bite of money to basically survive. I wouldn't of stayed with EMI if i were in that situation. If they would of left they would of been scooped up so fast with being insanely popular and bring all this money in. They could of got a better deal and made some money along with getting that world wide promotion etc.

Amusement/Theme parks!!!

In my opinion I think amusement parks are so popular because they appeal to kids and adults. They're also located in the most amazing states such as Florida and California! Its the perfect set up for vacation for the adults but for the kids to have fun and enjoy themselves as well. An example of this is the Epcot Center, if you've ever been there is its so magical and such an amazing experience! I went as a little girl and I had so much fun seeing the rides, enjoying the warmth and being there with my brothers! But i look back as an adult now and realize how interesting it was as well, for example they had individual cultures set up back to back. It felt as if you were walking from China to Germany in one step! Also now that I look back I realize how much bounding I did with my brothers on that vacation and it really brought me closer to my brothers for life! I think that is why they are so successful, they're able to create unforgettable experiences for children and adults. Even though I was a child, I had such an amazing experience that even after so many years those memories and feelings are still there when I think about it and I would bring my kids there some day and I think this cycle is exactly what they want. I think that their accomplishing everything they set out to. What I mean is they advertise the vacations for package deals, showing a family very happy, worry and stress free in these vacation spots rate as it starts getting cold, wet and basically when weather is the worst here. I think they set these advertisements around middle class families and up by only showing them on channels that are more expensive and aren't accessible to lower class. That ensures that the people who see these advertizments will be able to afford the trip if they take the "going on vacation leap"! I think the new changes they've recently made have really set the bar to the top: package deals, they make less stress for customer by supplying special transportation, a more personable experience where the Disney people actually know you! By adding all these things they've had the experience unforgettable for every single person!

Movie Poster Evaluation

The bold and interesting thing on this poster is literally iron man. From the expression on his face, him in the middle of the ocean, his house is burning down into the ocean on the left, and there's other men in iron man looking suits flying into the sky. It appears to be futuristic and full of action. With his body language and expression it looks like there could be a battle of some sort. The title Iron Man 3 isn't the main attention getter but it's so simple and plain that its adds overall feeling they wanted you to get. Its a snap shot of an intense moment in the movie and that gives fans or people looking at it a little insight on the movie as well. It definitely makes me wanna see this movie especially after watching the previous two movies. Overall a very good interpretation on what the movie is gonna be about and shows the style of movie for those who love futuristic and action movies! Its gives just enough to keep you interested but have somewhat of an idea so you're not clueless on what movie this is.

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