Art and cultural in ancient japan

My name is mike the mike I'm going to talk about japan, they believed that the gods took out a sword of the ocean and 4 drops came off the sword and made the four islands of japan.

Japan created great art. they had a court which means a group of nobles who live near and serve to advice a ruler. The nobles created the court so they can win favor from the emperor. The court  had little to do with the people, they called themselves cloud dwellers because they were so left out of japan. The nobles were great supporters of art they made the court at heian a center of art. There was a period of a golden age of art between 794 and 1185.

Japan's fashion was silk and gold jewelry. Women were long gowns made of 12 layers of colored silk. For women they also used fans for fashion. They attached flowers, trees, and birds, nobles also put long silk cords and flowers on their fans.

Japan also took care of their literature and how they spoke. Writing was very popular  nobles and women. Men usually wrote In Chinese but women wrote in Japanese. Lady murasaki shikibu was one of the greatest writers, she wrote the tale of the tale of genji, it was about a prince and his long quest for love during his search he meets a lot of women from different social classes.

The nobles took great care to make their city beautiful. Japan admired Chinas architecture, the nobles modeled Heian after China's capital chang'an. These featured required buildings with wooden frames that curved slightly upward at the ends. They also put thatched roofs to make an natural feel. For other buildings the nobles like simple designs. A lot of the buildings were made of wood with tiled roofs and large open space inside. To add more beauty the nobles surrounded them with elegant gardens and ponds. Similar gardens are still popular in modern Japan.

Performing arts were also popular in the Heian period. People often gathered to watch performances by musicians, jugglers, and acrobats. If the plays were popular actors skillfully mimicked them. Later centuries the performances developed into a more serious form of drama called Noh. Noh plays combine music, speaking, and dance. These plays often told about great heroes of the past.

Religion became something like a art in Heian. The nobles reflected there love to there religion by doing elaborate rituals. Some people didn't have the money to attend these rituals so that's when different forms of Buddhism started. One new form of Buddhism it was called pure land Buddhism and didn't require any rituals. In the 1100s a new form of Buddhism came from China and was called zen. Zen Buddhist believed that neither faith nor good behavior led to wisdom. Peoples who seek wisdom should practice self discipline and meditation, or quiet thinking. These ideas appealed to many Japanese, especially warriors.

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