My Career Choices

My career choices would be a regular medic or a combat medic. A regular medic goes in the ambulance and draws blood and heals wounds. A combat medic goes to a 16 week army medic training camp, and once I get past that I can go into war but I can't carry a weapon I can only carry a red cross to show that I'm not the one your fighting, and so I don't get shot.

College: West Virginia University

Training:Most of these occupations require graduate school. For example, they may require a master's degree, and some require a Ph.D., M.D., or J.D. (law degree).

I can get training at West Virginia University, or Davis & Elkins College, and I got to have a 3.5 GPA and a 2.5 GPA for D&E.

Obstacles: For a medic the obstacles I would face is getting a 3.5 GPA, For the Combat Medic the obstacles I would have to get through the army training for 16 weeks and then become a combat medic.

To over come those obstacles I would have to work harder in school and for combat medic I would have to get working out and learn as much medical stuff as I can.

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