From 1933-1939 concentration camps were built in order to follow the Nazi Policy; the Final Solution. This is a concentration and death camp built by the Nazis under the rule of Hitler in Germany. In this camp over 1 million Jews, gypsies, and the mentally/physically disabled people were brutally killed and worked to death. This camp was located in Southern Poland which originated as a work camp to produce things for the war like ammunition and rubber but towards the new idea of the "final solution" which was the idea that eliminating all of the Jews in Germany would purify the country, this camp became a death camp. The Germans wanted to kill all of the Jews because they blamed everything on them and said the war was their fault.

The remains of the Jews that were burnt in the gas chambers and buried in large dug out holes where their bodies were dumped and left to rot

This image provides a clear understanding on the violence and brutal tactics used by the Nazis to kill all of these innocent people. At Auschwitz people were killed in gas chambers, barbaric medical experiments, beatings, being starved to death, and slave labor. After the camp was abandoned, this photo was taken by an American soldier who witnessed all of the remains and piles of corpses left behind.

"Work makes one Free"

This image is of the entrance of Auschwitz and it is written in German but translates to a slogan that is intended to reach the people in the camp and states that work will free you. I chose this picture because it represents how the Nazis controlled all of the Jewish people and prisoners in the camp freedom. How they had no human rights and were treated as animals and forced to slave labor. This message taunted the prisoners and made them very angry because they knew they were not gonna ever leave the camp and have freedom again. This slogan appeared at almost all Nazi concentration camps and was used by many Nazi officers and regular Germans at the time.  


This video was of a WWII soldier when he witnessed Auschwitz for the first time and his reaction. This video was very touching and gave me a better understanding on the violence and brutal conditions of the camp. This video contained many images and was interesting because they were images I have never seen and expressed the horrible ways the prisoners were treated. It was also valuable because it had a soldier who explained his first hand account of the camp and with detail. Overall the "Final Solution" was a horrible policy followed by the Nazis and it is sad how millions of innocent people were killed in these brutal camps, the largest being Auschwitz.

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