The Demographics of Cody Schylur Kopka

Cody Schylur Kopka was born in the small rural, and I mean RURAL town of Argos Indiana. He moved to Logansport, and continued to visit his hometown for many years. For many years my family has been situated in the rustbelt. After moving to Indiana after the Franco-Prussian War, we situated ourselves in Francesville, where we owned the main city block, and were the biggest farmers in the town. Most of moved to the Winamac area, and everyone knows my Grandpa Ernie, who well into his 80's still works 2 full time jobs. He's a conservative, but willing to compromise "if you take your head out of your (explicative) "

This is downtown Argos. It has a rural backwater type of conservatistic view, much like Logansport. Only they more often back it up with the KKK influence and shotguns. I used to get my haircut in Kens Barbershop that used to be on the corner, until his passing. I gained most of my political views sitting in there to be honest. There was nothing to do in Argos, so i'd go hang with Ken quite often. I heard him, a liberal bantering with the strong conservatives everyday. I honestly think being exposed to the extremes is what shaped me as such a centrist. I learned compromise by listening to them battle their wits. Through living with two sets of parents, in two different yet similar cities, I learned a lot too. My grandmother was a lot more liberal than my aunt. But neither could be called a liberal. The town of Argos is still known for a strong KKK influence.So, moving to Logansport was a culture shock for me, but i've noticed that it's not clear cut. A bout half and half down the middle on how we feel about different races and sexualities, and it seems that the younger generation has adapted a more urbas set of ideals as a whole.

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