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Planning a vacation is no small feat, especially if you have a fixed amount of time during which you can enjoy your holiday. The pressure is on to plan something unforgettable and still within your budget. There are many reasons that people choose to visit the Ecuador - the natural beauty, its commitment to eco-tourism, the opportunity for adventure, and a vacation experience that is beyond the average.

If you’re considering a trip to Ecuador, including a Galapagos travelexcursion, consider all that the area has to offer so you can plan accordingly:

* Galapagos Tours - The Galapagos Islands are 600 miles off the coast of mainland Ecuador and feature some of the most stunning natural backdrops in the world; including unspoiled beaches and unfettered access to a variety of wildlife including tortoises, sea lions, and more. Whether you choose to explore the coastline on foot or on one of the amazing Galapagos cruises offered to visitors, you’re sure to be forever changed by visiting this spectacular region of the world.

* The Amazon - In addition to Galapagos travel options in Ecuador, there is also the option to tour parts of the Amazon. This lush jungle makes up the majority of the Eastern edge of Ecuador and is home to a variety of amazing species of wildlife. There is the option to tour the area by boat or on land. In either case, these tours are what adventurers’ dreams are made of and will create memories for a lifetime.

* The Andes - No visit to this country is complete without a look at this stunning mountain range. A variety of tour options including visiting the capital city of Quito where visitors can see the postcard image of the snow-capped Cotopaxi volcano and the renowned mountain range that is synonymous with Ecuador.

Whether you choose Galapagos tours or a tour to the Andes or Amazon, you’ll not be disappointed by the adventures awaiting you in Ecuador where the best of travel greets visitors.

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Andando Tours is a leader in offering vacationers the adventures only Galapagos island vacation can deliver. With years of experience traversing this distinct country, this company ensures its Galapagos trips feature breathtaking destinations.

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