Marisel Balmaseda

1. As you go higher in the atmosphere the temperature will get colder, warm, cold, and hot. That means that the temperature doesn't stay the same through the atmosphere.

2.  The Greenhouse effect is what keeps the earth warm.  Greenhouse gases are gases that trap heat on the earth. The main gas is carbon dioxide.

3. The atmosphere is important because it blocks some is the suns dangerous rays from reaching earth.  Traps heat, making earth a comfortable temperature. And the oxygen within our atmosphere is essential for life.

4. The gases that make up our atmosphere are Nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and argon. The percentage of these gases are Nitrogen is 78%, Oxygen is 20%, Argon is 0.93%, Carbon Dioxide is 0.004%

5.  The stratrophere protects us from the sun. The mesosphere protects form meteriods. Also the stratrophere contains ozone which locks in some of the heat to keep our planet warm.

6. The air pressure decreases as you go higher in the atmosphere. That is why things get bigger with less pressure.  And for example in the tropaphere the air pressure increases thats why things get bigger.

7. The only layer where there is weather is in the troposphere. Weather such as rain, snow, and wind. And of course the troposphere is the coldest layer in the atmosphere and the thermosphere is the hottest because the sun strikes it first.

8. Air takes up space that's one  reason why you can not blow up a balloon in a bottle. Because there is to much air in the bottle its self and to much pressure. What you need to do to be able to blow up the balloon is use a straw so that while your blowing air into the balloon the air from the bottle will come out. Letting you blow up your balloon.

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