Nebula's Point of View:

As a Nebula, I aman amateur at "living."  It is mandatory that I learn to live in the conditions I was born into.  I have to adapt as a baby star, and grow to shine as bright as I can and be successful at providing light for other planets for possible life.  I have a big responsibility, for I am the birthplace for stars.


Protostar's Point of View:

I am made when a Nebula clumps together and collapses on itself. There is, however, a downside to being a protostar.  I am not dense or hot enough to be considered a star yet. I want to be a star.  I will become a star if it is the last thing I do!

Main Sequence Star

Main Sequence Star's Point of View:


Later –––

Being a star is boring. It's basic. I want to be something bigger. Something better. I want more of a responsibility...

Red Giant

Red Giant's Point of View:

I found out how to be bigger than a boring and basic main sequence star. All my main sequence star friends are thriving to get on my level. Soon they will be, and I need to gain my power back. Wow. I sound really really power-hungry. I should calm down.

– Breathe in, breathe out. – Okay... All better.

Planetary Nebula

Planetary Nebula Point of View:

I have become larger.  I'm made of gas and dust.  I don't have as many layers as I did when I was a main sequence star, but I do, however remain superior to other certain stars.   –– I really need to stop being so rude and cocky.  Anyways, I plan to become even better than this.

White Dwarf

White Dwarf Point of View:

I don't know what's happening.  I don't feel as confident. I am shrinking. I do not feel good about myself. All my friends that were inferior to me before are superior to me now. I feel sad.

Black Dwarf

Black Dwarf Point of View:

I am getting worse.  I feel sick.  I think I'm doing what those –– what are they called? Oh yeah –– humans, do when they are done living.  Is it called... dying?  Yeah, it's called dying.  AM I DYING?! OH GOD, I THINK I'M DYING.

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