The Brightest of the Southern Cross

     Acrux, or Bluish Acrux, is the brightest star of the constellation, Crux the Souther Cross. Acrux is the 13th brightest star in the night sky, and is 321 lightyears away with a visual magnitude of 0.77. Acrux happens to be two stars that are orbiting each other. The brightest of the two stars is named Alpha -1 which has a magnitude of 1.33 with a surface temperature of 25,000 Kelvin the less bright star - Alpha -2, which is am dwarf star but is still in its main sequence lifetime with a surface temperature of 16,000 Kelvin.

Although to the naked eye, these seem to be one very bright, small white star; however, Acrux is  classified as a B0.5 IV star. This classification means that the stars are larger and more massive than that of out own. Alpha-1 is 24 times more massive than the sun while Alpha -2  is only 13 time more massive than our own sun.

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