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7th period English 1
Sarahi Mendivil
Biomedical Engineer

University of Texas at San Antonio

In UTSA they have special programs to develop a knowledgeable biomedical engineer.This school offers a program for undergraduates engineers to become a better and know more about this field. In this university biomedical engineers have to study in a 4-year plan.Has the most beneficial program and specially for undergraduates.

Application Online

Admission Requirements:

Campus Life

Housing:Students are available to live on or off campus but space is limited so to live on campus you must turn in an application

Dining: Include a cafeteria and restaurants such as Panda Express,Subway,Chick-fil-A,Pizza Hut,Starbucks,Papa John's Pizza and many more

Organizations: There's about 2690 organizations on campus and celebrations such as Fiesta UTSA,Best Feast,Party on the Paseo and Rowdy Wing Fling.

Why I chose to be Biomedical Engineer...

     I plan to be a biomedical engineer because not only they are part of the science field ;they get to help/improve someone's life by making machines. Another reason why I would biomed engineer is because they get to help people without being a doctor and without seeing blood on daily basis.This engineers help people with disabilities, they create prosthetic and other equipment. Helping someone to start walking for the first time or helping them to start walking again is something that will help them forlife.That's what I want to do help and make a positive mark in their life. In addition, they also are responsible for creating artificial legs,arms,vessels,lungs,hearts and many more. This will improve peoples life and maybe save their life. This engineers also create machines for daily medical basis, for example the MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging)machine and automatic insulin pump. I wanted to become a biomedical engineer because my imagination won't be limited because the more ideas to help improve others the better for those people who need a better health.

Biomedical Engineer job description:

Description/Daily activities/Responsibilities: They are in charge of solving medical problems and come up with a solution. Also their responsible for creating limbs and other artificial organs. Need to make designs to develop those new items, usually work in teams.

Education requirements:  Must first complete a bachelor's degree of either engineering or science and then do a certain masters degree for biomedical degree.They're required to have good communication skills, be able to explain things. Also to work well with other workers.

Salary: Entry wage is $35.53 hourly and experienced wage is $62.89. As a beginner you can earn 73,900 annually and employment percentage is about 35%

Primary Source:

In an interview from Career Cruising; Carolyn a teacher from a 4-year college, where she teaches biomedical engineering and how to develop machines to undergraduates and graduate students. In this interview Carolyn mentions that you must be talented in both math and science but that's not all you must be willing to learn on daily basis and be open-minded. Another qualities that you must have is to be able to think clearly, listen carefully, communicate clearly and be able to work with others. Carolyn mentions that one of the greatest challenges in this job is that, "Keeping up with current developments in such a rapidly changing field is a challenge" "..demonstrate that you’re familiar with work that has already been done in your field." "So after putting all that work into a credible work plan, you might not be granted anything at all." Carolyn explains that this job requires patience and a lot of responsibilities, yet still enjoys teaching students about biomedical engineering and to continue to do some research.

Letter of Intent

May 14, 2015

Bahama Buck's #TX1246

12380 Edgemere Boulevard, Suite 101

El Paso 79938, TX

(915) 849-1760

To whom it may concern,

I am interested in your employment opportunity and I would like to be part to your company. Please accept this letter and resume as evidence of my interest in applying for this job. I feel my responsible and my patient skills would prove to be beneficial to your organization. I am looking for an honored job that will add experience to my building career. To mention that one of my key strengths is to be very willing and eager to learn. I am confident that my willing to learn new things and patience are good qualities that make me a great candidate to for any positon available.

I would appreciate your consideration of my information, and I see forward to have a chance to meet with you to hear about the requirements of the position and how my skills would be a good fit.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.



  • Sarahi Mendivil,
    Career Objectives :My objective is to have a job position in Bahama Bucks and to gain experience.Also to get more knowledge about this job position.
  • Education History:July 2014 - May 2018
  • El Dorado 9th grade Academy
      El Paso, Texas  :Taking all Pre-AP classes and part of the GT program                    July 2011 - May 2014
  • Rafael Hernando middle school
    El Paso, Texas
  • Pre-AP classes and part of the GT program
    Volunteer Experience  May 2015 - May 2015
  • Avid
    Volunteering in school
    El Paso, Texas.I volunteered in school in a Saturday
  • Awards & Certificates
  • Perfect attendance (July 2015)
    A/B Honor Roll (July 2015)
  • Skills & Abilities
  •   Spanish


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