Cynthia Rylant

Created By; Christa Staton

Core 1 10/8/14

What would you do if you saw someone you liked but didn't say anything?


  • This Story took place in the grocery store at the Checkout Line.

Main Characters

  • The Girl: She was a pretty girl who was very nice,who had red curly hair with an orange bow in her hair.
  • The Guy: He had nice blonde hair. He gave an impression as if  he was a bad boy,but was a very nice person.


  • They guy and the girl both really liked each other but every time that would look at each-other that would never say anything that would just check each other out.

Brief Description

They started dating other people and never talked to each other when they saw each other. The two people acted like nothing ever happened.

If You Saw Love At First Sight.
What Would You Do?

How Would You Like It, I f The Person You Didn't Say Anything?

I recommend that you should read this book because its talking about love and how love and relationship work out all the time.

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