Belief systems

Unit 4

Main beliefs of the known world
2100 BC-now

There are nine main belief systems starting back from 2100 BC, the main places of origin is China, Africa, Indian, Japan and the Middle East. The nine given are the ones that has most affect on our culture.


Animism was originated in Africa, the main belief was to worship spirits of nature. As in trees, animals, etc. They must worships their ancestors. They had immense respect for nature, and their family who has been before them. A lot of this belief is still in traditional communities of Africa. They believed that all things, living and non-living have a spirit. One's ancestors serve as an important link between the present world and the spiritual world. If you offer them sacrifices you will be lent help.


Shintoism was originated in Japan, they were very connected with the spirits of their old emperor, and of "Kami" which they believed existed in all things. They respect nature and the world, they treated it better than themselves. Nature is a huge part of their religion.


Hinduism was originated in India, and stays in India, it is still here today. The Hindu's have a holy text which is called the 'Vedas'. The book explains the beliefs and the things the Hindu's believe. They believed in Dharma, which is good deeds, and then you receive good Karma which then in the after-life you would reincarnate.


Buddhism was originated in India. Buddhism was founded by, Buddha himself. Buddha believed to have a troubled life and thought that the way to create a good life is to end all deBuddhism is the belief of simple and calm living. The Buddhist believe that to end suffering you must end your desires. Then in the end you will have a good after life, and reincarnate. Noble eight-fold path will help you achieve the good after life. Follow the way of nature, and have no desires to have no suffering.


Taoism is very culturally smart, It was started in China and has a holy text called Tao Te Ching. Taoism is mainly about "the way" and how there is also a dark place. Not just a light place when you die. Taoism is also based on individual spirits unlike Confucianism which is more social life and spiritual.


Confucianism was originated in China, with their holy text being Analects. Confucius founded Confucianism. Coincidence? I think not. He believed that elders and parents, the older siblings had the "higher ground". Respect you elders, education is important for society, everyone should know and accept their goals in society, and government officials should be good role models.


Judaism was founded in the Middle East and was spread because of missionaries. Their holy text is the Torah, which actually has some parts of it in the Bible. Which is Christianity. Jewish believe that there is only one god, and that one day they will have a Messiah come free them.


Christians were also founded in the Middle East and have a holy text called the Bible. Christianity is one of the largest religions still practiced today. As military conquest happened, they didn't force you to learn Christianity, so they generally just did it anyway, they found it intriguing. They believe there is a God, and only one. Which is monotheism. Judaism and Islam also are monotheistic. They believe Jesus was the Messiah.


Islamic religion was originated in Middle East. It believes in only one god, who is Allah and Mommahed is his prophet. Islam religion is very religious. They must do the 5 pillars of islam. Recite, Pray, Charity, Fast and Pilgrimage. "There is a no God but Allah and Mommahed is his prophet. Prey each day five times, facing Mecca. Give to charity regularly. Fast from sunrise to sunset in the Rmomadad. Go to Mecca at least once in your life.

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