3D Video Central

All about us

We are 3D Video Central! We make 3D printed kits for all different ages. For example, we have  Minecraft and Mario kits. We also have items such as mocking jay hair clips, polar bears, dolphin cookie cutters, and IPhone 5 cases. We have prices ranging from 3-7 dollars. Our models are lots of fun to play with, and are really cool to have around the house! We are selling our products on Friday, August 15, at 1112 South Saint Mary's. We are selling to kids from the ages 5-9 and teens from the ages 10-13.

This is are animal set for $6.00 each and are hunger games pins for 3.00 each.
This is are Mario Bros. set for $7.00 each.
This is are Minecraft set for $5.00 each and comes with one tool of your choice.