Henry Maudslay

1771-1831 By Gomeo Lam f3g4


Born: August 7,1777 Death: February 14,1831

Life Span: 59 Years of Age

Henry Maudslay was born on August 7th of 1777 in Woolwich, England which an district located in South East London.

Henry Maudslay is known for many of his inventions including the 'unbreakable padlock' or Maudslay Lock which is an very early form of the modern day lock. It was literally impossible for the majority to break or unlock during that time period but years after its 1789 reveal during 1850, an American locksmith so called AC Smith spent about 51 hours until he could finally unlock it. Another invention he is well known for is the Maudslay lathe which is an also an early form of a machine that is able to create accurate correctly shaped screws. Even though he wasn't the original inventor, people looked at him as taking it to the next level. Maudslay did in fact have an third invention which was the hydraulic press, this tool is used for many uses including pumping the toilet. Unfortunately his design wasn't the best working one therefore he was only given very little credit as the years passed.

According to many sources Henry Maudslay rarely received any education, he started his early occupation at the age of 12 in the manufacturing industry. Known for his bad behavior which gave him a name of powered monkey, he was transferred to many different areas of the industry. And ever since remained developing and inventing.

Henry Maudslay is an British born inventor, born on 22nd of August of 1771 as the fifth to his father who is named Henry and his mother, Margaret Laundy. Henry’s father died in 1780, which concluded him to work at an early age of 12 in the manufacturing industry. He was named as a powder monkey, due to his silly behavior during the working hours. Therefore he was transferred to different areas in the industry including to a blacksmith shop. Later on his life he began to his skills to invent things, which this includes the lock, hydraulic press and the screw cutting lathe. Only 2 out of the 3 inventions developed success, the other remaining did not give him much credit, as the invention was not successful. His talent increased popularity; therefore he demanded increase in wage but his boss refused and resulting Maudslay to start his own business. During the period he introduced much more inventions including the marine engines. Henry Maudslay continued to invent all the way till his death on February 14th 1831 at the age of 59 years.

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