Something that all popular logos have in common is that their name is easy to read. They also sometimes have a little drawing that helps fit their theme that they are selling to the customers.
If I were to make my own logo I would make it something fancy

-Bath & Bodyworks
-The way that Netflix got my loyalty was by having some of my favorite shows and movies. Another thing that brought me to Netflix was the fact that they don't have advertisements. They would lose my loyalty if they took off all of my favorite shows and movies. They would also lose me if they started playing annoying advertisements especially if they pop out randomly.
Forever 21 and H&M have my loyalty because they sell some really cute clothes and some comfortable sweaters (comfortable  and good quality sweaters are everything to me). They would lose my loyalty if their clothes lost their quality and comfort. They would also lose me if they sold their clothes at a super expensive price.
Another thing that has my loyalty is Twitter. They have my loyalty because it's a good way to express myself to the world and because there are some funny people on there that are entertaining. Twitter also is a way to communicate with others all over the world and it's also a way to get in touch with people (like famous people). It's also a great way to find out some news around the world. They would lose my loyalty if people on there got annoying. They would  also lose my loyalty if it begins to become pointless and people started using it for dumb drama stuff. If I were to create a logo, it would probably have like some fancy shape like a heart or diamond with the word wave in it, with fancy letters.

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