Recognizing Comic Artists

Wed Feb. 5, 2014

I dove into the world of comics about 10 months ago and let's just say I've been submerged in it ever since. I frequently read on sites like Comic Vine or Comic Book Resources where people are able to recognize the work of particular artists and I was always impressed by their ability to do this.

While checking to see what's being released today, I came across the cover of Codename: Action. I've never heard of it before but I instantly recognized the work of Jae Lee. He also did the cover of Earth 2 today (a series I'm actually reading, but I saw Codename first). If you haven't heard of or have been skeptical about the Batman/Superman series, he was the penciler for several issues of that. His work is quite unique and definitely worth checking out. And come on, it's Batman AND Superman in one series!

Happy Comic Release Day! Myself, I will be purchasing the double flip-issue of Green Lantern and Red Lantern today.

Codename: Action #5
Earth 2 #20