Google Tips

5 tips to help you get the most out of Google

By- Ashley Rees

Tip #1

Google can do your math! You need only search for calculator and the first result will be an easy to use, google calculator. It has most functions any student will ever need and it comes without charge!

Tip #2

Google can tell you what time it is, anywhere in the world! Simply search what time is it in *anywhere in the world* and Google will tell you!

Tip #3

Google can even help you decide what to eat for dinner. Simply type in the two foods and it will show you the nutrition facts!

Tip #4

Google can even provide you with a timer! All you have to do is type in timer and set it to however much time you need! It's simple and easy to use!

Tip #5

If your ever bored, google can even take care of that. Try searching for zerg rush on google and it will come up with a fun and challenging game for you to play whenever

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