Shel Silverstein

"Recipe for a Hippopotamus Sandwich"

Shel Silverstein

     Shel Silverstein was born on September 25, 1930, in Chicago, Illinois. He attended the University of Illinois until he was expelled. After that he attended Chicago Academy of Fine Arts and Roosevelt University. He went there for 3 years until 1953 when he was drafted to the US Army. He served in various places such as Korea and Japan.

     He started to write and draw cartoons at the age of 7. He started to develop his own styles of poetry and cartooning by the age of 12. When he attended Roosevelt University, he was published in the newsletter "Roosevelt Torch". When he was in the military he also published some poetry and books. His best seller was "The Giving Tree, written in 1965.

Recipe for a Hippopotamus Sandwich

A hippo sandwich is easy to make.
All you do is simply take
One slice of bread,
One slice of cake,
Some mayonnaise,
One onion ring,
One hippopotamus,
One piece of string,
A dash of pepper--
That ought to do it.
And now comes the problem...
Biting into it!