My 7th Grade Year

Zoe Spriggs

TOP TEN MOMENTS (In No Particular Order)

1. Outsiders Day

Outsiders day was fun because we got to dress up and have fun in all of our classes, not just HELA. It was super fun to be able to compete against each other and have a lot of fun doing it.

2. Ski Club

This year I joined ski club and it was so fun! It was great to ski with my friends and just to have fun while learning new things!


We had a TON but one one of them, I went to my neighbor's house. It was so fun because we got to sled  and drink hot cocoa and just hang out and be free from school for a little while. ;)

4. Science Olympiad

This year, along with a LOT of other stuff, I joined Science Olympiad. I would highly recommend it and you can join any year, its okay if you join as a seventh or eighth grader  or even later, it is still super fun. You make new friends, go to tournaments, and learn a lot! Altogether, it was super fun.

5. Power of the Pen

I also became a part of the POP team this year. In case you don't know what that is, its a creative writing competition where you get 40 minutes to write a story based on a given prompt. It was super fun to compete, meet new people, and just get to write!

6. The final club I joined this year was Speech and Debate. It was a super fun experience and there are a lot of things you can do, not just making a speech. My friend Annika and I did a duo, where we act and talk but we cant look at or touch each other, and while there weren't many people at the actual competition, we still had so much fun. It was pretty scary at first, but everyone was nice and we got to see many other unique pieces. Overall, it was definitely one of my top ten experiences.

7. Another one of my top ten moments would have to be camp. Even though I had doubts about my cabin at first, we ended up having a LOT of fun and we all became friends. We also had the best counselor by far! It was great to be able to hang out with friends and we had a lot of free time to do whatever we wanted. Along with all that, I ended up learning a lot about nature especially during the creek hike.

8. Another one of my top ten moments this year would have to be both the spring and winter concerts for chorus. I really enjoyed both and overall I like chorus because we get to sing and it sounds really cool with all of the different harmonies and the piano. The concerts were awesome because my parents and the parents of everyone else in chorus got to see how hard we worked and got to experience the final product.

9. It was so fun in social studies all of the times when Runa came! It was cool that we had her instead of a substitute teacher, and she taught us really cool stuff about the Middle Ages. It was also cool because we got to see all of the weapons, armor, clothes, and other stuff in person and sometimes use it or put it on.

10. My last top ten moment was when the teachers played the students in the basketball and soccer games. Those are always really fun for me because we get to see our teachers and our friends play and we get a break from regular school for a while.

HELA Memorable Moments

My favorite thing we did in HELA this year was the Road of Trials Challenge with Chuzzlewit. At the beginning, I was curious to find out what we were going to do in class, and it ended up being super fun. It was also cool how it all connected to what we had been learning with Anthem and the Monomyth.

I also liked learning about the Monomyth because it was really cool to see how accurate it is and how almost every book I've read (which is a lot) has the same type of plot.

Another thing we did in HELA that was fun was our unit on And Then There Were None. The book was really interesting and all of the little mysteries we got were also fun to try to solve and it was even more fun when we got it right.

Lastly, I really likes our whole Uglies unit. In my opinion, Uglies was a very interesting book and the face and all of the image is powerful stuff we did was really cool. It taught me a lot about really life and the world, and it was still, as usual, fun!

Math Class

Math class this year was certainly different with the mods and the fact that it is now an hour long, but it still ended up being fun. I actually learned a lot his year and it wasn't all review. We made a lot of posters and when we were confused we watched videos that, at least for me, made the concepts really clear.

A tip to incoming 7th graders to survive math class (and really all classes) - Do your homework (seriously, one point might not seem like a lot but if you consistently don't do it, it won't work out so well)


I loved camp so much!

My favorite activity was probably the rockwall/challenge course. The rockwall was super fun to climb up and it was cool that everyone got to play a part, even if they couldn't or didn't want to do the climb. The zip line was also super fun because it was so high and fast and it was really cool to just fly through the woods. I loved the challenge course part of it because we got to use logic and teamwork and although we argued a little we still ended up closer as a cabin.

Another activity I liked from camp was the ultimate frisbee and outdoor cooking. The hobo pies we made were super good and I plan to make them again! :) Ultimate frisbee was also fun because we got to work as a team and it wasn't very easy. Also, we got to play it on the warmest day so we weren't cold the whole time.

Although it was super cold, camp was still fun and my only regret is not bringing a better jacket!

How To Survive Seventh Grade

Here are a few tips to survive seventh grade

1. This isn't like sixth grade. You're not the young ones anymore, so you don't have to cower in a corner every time someone older than you comes (actually, just kidding and I hope none of you had to do that). However, even though you're older than the new sixth graders, and even if the older kids weren't so nice to you, don't be rude to the younger ones. Set a good example for them, so they don't end up doing the same to the current fifth graders.

2. I don't know how easy sixth grade was for you, but seventh is definitely more challenging. you should actually try in your classes because a lot of them, at least in my opinion, are fun but definitely harder than before.

3. Have fun! If you're all stressed out, it will be difficult to have fun. Try in your classes, but have fun while doing it!

Art Club

Another club I was in this year (along with last year) was art club. I promise you, this will be the last club I talk about! :) Art club is super fun, even if you don't like art class. Its nice because you usually don't have to worry about deadlines, and nothing you do is graded, so you don't have to worry that you're not a good enough artist. All of the projects we do are fun, and you usually have a lot of freedom with them. Its a great time to have fun while hanging out with your friends.

Reading is the key to the imagination, and imagination is the key to happiness.


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Really cool! I like your precept. SO will be smaller with out you next year.

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I like your tips on how to survive 7th grade! Creative!

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I love how you participated in so many clubs!

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Zoe: You are so nice and I hope you have fun at your new school!!

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