This Week's Math Stuff... 1.22.15

Here is a cool puzzle to use in your classroom...

Click the button below to check out the Problem of the Week from the University of Waterloo.

Check out this article below on LD students making sense of mathematics (from NCTM)

Upcoming dates...

Monday, January 26th--8th grade math/science

Next week also...

  • more PARCC Infrastructure
  • Awards assemblies begin

Upcoming professional learning...

MSDE and MPT Thinkport Online Professional Development Courses:

Click here for the complete Spring 2015 Online Professional Development Course Catalog.

February 25—April 7

  • Differentiating Instruction to Accommodate Learning Styles (2 MSDE CPD credits)

February 25—April 14

  • Integrating Technology into Instruction (Tech Literacy Standard 5) (2 MSDE CPD credits)

February 18—May 12

  • Learning to Teach Maryland College and Career-Ready Algebra I ADVANCED (4 MSDE CPD credits)
  • Smart Kids with Learning Difficulties (3 MSDE CPD credits)
  • The Gifted Learner (3 MSDE CPD credits)
  • Elementary Mathematics: Fractions (3 MSDE CPD credits)
  • Middle School Ratios and Proportional Relationships (3 MSDE CPD credits)
  • Online Teaching in MD (3 MSDE CPD credits)