The Perfect Piedmont

Business and tourism at its finest!
By: Beaneth and Kaitlyn

Thinking of relocating your buisness or going on an exciting vacation?
Come to The Perfect Piedmont!


The piedmont surrounds Athens, Atlanta, Agusta, and Macon, so wherever you choose to live or visit will be a short distance away from a big town or city. Also, the piedmont borders four of the five other regions and two different states! This allows you more sight seeing and more diversed customers!

Granite mining at Stone Mountain

The Piedmont has many different industries, such as: argriculture (peaches and poultry), granite mining, and manufactoring cars and airplanes. Buisnesses like those thrive here in the piedmont. You can,too!

Climate and Temperature
The climate and temperature of the piedmont is temperate and mild. The climate is great for hiking and relaxing on a summer day. This climate is also great for agriculture because it creates a longer growing season with lots of rain. Industries have developed here because of  the states climate. Pulpwood and lumber re-grow rapidly in the piedmontbecause of the climate.

Physical Features
        The piedmont has very diversed physical features. The border between the coastal plain and the piedmont is marked by the fault line. The fault line also has the largest kaoline reserve. The border between Georgia and South Carolina is the Savannah River. This provides the piedmont with shipping ports on our east side. The western border between Georgia and Alabama is formed by the Chatahoocee river. The Chatahooce is critical to Georgia because of shipping, transportation, hydroelectric energy, and drinking water.

The fall line

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