Learning Applications for K-12

6 Awesome Apps!

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  • What is it? Mathboard is a math practice tool created for all school aged children that focuses on basic mathematical questions.

How can it be used? Mathboard can be used as a tool when introducing long division in the classroom.  The innovative 'scratchboard' area, where problems can be worked out by hand, helps students figure out where they are going wrong rather than just guessing the right answer.  


Screen Chomp

  • What is it? Screen Chomp is an app that allows you to create short videos, screen casts and tutorials.

How can it be used? Screen Chomp can be introduced in a language arts class as students are learning new words and stories.  As teachers are introducing a new book or new set of words , tutorials can be created using the recordable whiteboard to help students grasp new concepts.  For example, students may share their ideas of what they believe the theme of  Romeo and Juliet is.


Comic Life

  • What is it? Comic Life is both a website and an app that helps create digital stories with the look of a comic.

How can it be used? Comic Life can be used in a social studies class where students are learning about historical events. Students can take their knowledge of an event and process their information into a comic to illustrate their understanding of what is being studied. For example, students may display the chronological events of the Cold War using this app.


Scribble Press

  • What is it? Scribble Press is a website and app that allows students to doodle and create illustrations using different types of tools.

How can it be used?

Scribble Press can be introduced in a religion class where students are learning about the creation of earth.  Students can use different utensils and even attach photos to create illustrations of what they believe heaven may look like, or what our planet may have looked like before there were humans!


Motion Math:Fractions!

  • What is it?  Motion Math: Fractions is an app that is specifically designed to review 5 different form of fractions.

How can it be used?

Motion Math:Fractions can be used during the fractions unit in math class.  With 24 levels and 3 difficulties, students are motivated to get to the next level in their math homework.  Learners estimate four forms of fractions: numerator over denominator, percents, decimals, and pie charts.


Frog Dissection!

  • What is it? Frog Dissection is an educative alternative to live animal dissections.

How can it be used?

The Frog Dissection app can be used in a Biology class to learn all about frogs and their biological functions, without the messy hands on work that may upset some weak stomachs.

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