Teen Suicide

Becca Ritchie

Teen suicide is a serious issue. Teens are turning to suicide as a way to out when really its just destroying the chance for things to get better! I myself know a few suicidal people so i know what they are thinking and why they are thinking about it. All these people need is someone to show them that life does get better and killing yourself isn't worth it. you got to stay strong, fight, and prove everyday wrong. If someone or somethings telling you that "you can't" tell them "watch me!"

Life isn't easy for anyone, its harder for some more than others but everyone feels pain and it's not worth dying for. It's not gonna stop the pain it'll hurt your family, friends, and people you are close to if you end things now. I'm here to tell you that it does get better and you are worth it because you need to know that! don't give up. If you have to just think about things that make you happy or want to live! like music, friends, animals, or whatever you want to do in the future... Thinking about army nursing keeps me going. Just smile and don't give in.

stay strong!

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