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The Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion

Walking through the Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion the first thing I noticed was the amount of art. The entire mansion is very beautiful and artistic, from the woodwork of the baseboards and fireplaces to the design of the ceilings and beautiful decoration of furniture and paintings. Many of the paintings signify Captain Pabst's connection to water, for example, the painting hanging in the second floor parlor immediately on the left once up the stairs. The painting depicts people immigrating to America by ship, some of which are celebrating and looking toward their future in America, while others are mourning the loss of their homeland and bearing the knowledge they may never see their loved ones again. This emotional and powerful painting has a strong attachment to the sea, as many others in the Pabst collection do as well.

On the ceiling of the study are several symbols of Captain Pabst's past and achievements from the time he worked as a cabin boy on a Great Lake Steamer to his accomplishments in helping to build and grow the city of Milwaukee.

Captain Pabst and his family contributed to the shaping and industry of Milwaukee in several ways. Captain Pabst is most well-known for Pabst brewing company which was actually started by his father-in-law and eventually was run by both Frederick Jr. and Gustav Pabst during their lifetimes. The Pabst brewing company provided many jobs in the city, which in turn helped to build the once booming industries of Milwaukee. During his time as a Captain on several vessels traveling between Chicago, Milwaukee and Manitowoc as well as several small ports on Lake Michigan Captain Pabst helped to build the shipping trade in the Midwest.

The Pabst family not only gave Milwaukee a boost in industry and shipping trade, they were also a very important part of Milwaukee history and have helped to shape the city as it is today.

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