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Not many people have many exploration skills, but luckily I'm not one of them. -Varun Mandig

Your Highness,

I have come seeking your help on a very interesting matter. I would like to head an expedition toward The New World.

If France were to fund my supreme voyage, this wonderful country would not regret it. Charles IX is my liege. I am your humble servant and wish to help my out of my citizenship from before.  I have a few ideas or objectives for my journey. The country needs land for French Protestants. They need a safe haven, even though they are so stubborn in their faith. If I were to find this land, many a problem would be fixed.

I would look for the land needed for the protestants and also look for the most common need of gold and wealth. I have suspicions that there is gold and jewels in the deeper parts of the new world. Undiscovered as it is nobody would have mined there.

I chose this land because it is one of the most urgent matters for our time. If we do not take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, I'm afraid our rivals should profit.  Also gold and wealth is always a needed resource for a country of any kind, and it is always in demand.

I will travel through the Gulf of Mexico and try to reach the western part of the country. That way it will be less dangerous and less crowded. There will not be as much competition and not to many distractions such as executions. There will less people mining and that makes it easier to mine and have more abundance of minerals.

I understand that England and Spain are two of the other main exploration countries.

The other countries are looking for the gold and silver that may inhabit the land. This is also one of my objectives, but I trust it won’t be a problem. They won't be looking in the same place as I. The other countries are also looking to spread religion which is luckily not part of our countries objectives.

Conflict is, I understand, a large problem. If I was to encounter any opposition, I would first try and persuade the enemy to join our expedition. Should my diplomatic skills yield to no avail then those who oppose me shall meet torturous activities. If that does not change their minds, then they shall meet an execution.

I expect that the Indians shall be a problem. I will create peace because their army will surely conquer my small expedition squad. Another problem I may have the misfortune of meeting is disease. I hope that Your Highness could provide us with an adequate amount of medicine.

Before you jump to quickly into this, I advise you understand what I ask of you to provide. I ask of fifteen crew members, a large double masted ship, enough food supplies for seven months, and 2000 livres for miscellaneous objects such as beds and punishment devices.

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3 years ago

I sincerely hope that Your Majesty accepts my wonderful proposal