3 week vacation

for the preparation for the upcoming centennial celebration of the Iglesia Ni Cristo

First day of no classes of course I was so happy and relief but as a college student while enjoying the 3 week vacation I checked and listed all the take home assignments and activites that our professors gave to us and I already did the all the take home assignments that can be done.

In the first week of no classes for the preparation for the upcoming centennial celebration, I just stayed home, watch tv news and ,my hobby, I watch movies. And I again I check I there are online activities , read books and although I’m not an INC member , I also make time to watch inc tv for me to be updated of on what is happening or what are the inc activities happening.

In the second week of no classes, I monitor again if there are online activities. I started to hang out with my friends and me and my whole family did a vacation out of town to enjoy my no classes week. I also got to watch many news about the biggest indoor dome in the world, which is the Philippine arena where the centennial celebration will be held.

Finally, this week, the week after the centennial celebration, the last week of no classes. In this week i'm expecting of many activities that our professors will give to us in return of 2 weeks no activities. And also in this week I’m preparing for our going back to school after the 3 weeks no of classes.