Manufactured Fibers

Valerie Height

Manufactured fibers are man-made and are created by combining various substances with chemicals.

  • Cellulosic manufactured fibers are made from cellulose from plants.
  • Noncellulosic manufactured fibers are made from mixtures of crude oil, natural gas, air and water.
  • Polyester is made from coal or petroleum. It is strong, can shrink, pills easily, often blended with other fibers, resistant to wrinkling and easy to care for. Polyester is mostly used in children's wear, shirts, and suits
  • Nylon is the first fiber to be manufactured from chemicals. It is strong, very durable, dries quickly, washes easily, clings to the wearer and heat sensitive. Nylon is most commonly used in hosiery, swimwear, and windbreakers.
  • Acrylic resembles wool. It is soft, warm, bulky but lightweight, strong, and wrinkle resistant. Acrylic is commonly used in terrycloth, bathrobes, outdoor furniture and knitted garments.
  • Rayon is a absorbent, soft, and comfortable fabric. rayon is very inexpensive. The downside of rayon is it mildews and wrinkles easily. Rayon also stretches and is weak when wet. It is commonly used in linings, sports shirts, and jackets.
  • Acetate is a deep luster, soft, silky and luxurious fabric. It is very versatile and inexpensive. Acetate is a great replacement for silk. It is mostly used in neckties, lingerie, blouses, and linings.
  • Spandex is stretchy. It is resistant to lotions, oils, sun, and perspiration. It can be easily damaged by chlorine bleach. Spandex is durable, soft, lightweight, and nonabsorbent. It is commonly used in swimwear, dance wear, and exercise wear.

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