Announcements 4/27 - 05/01

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! To continue with our theme of classrooms around the world, this is a picture of a class from St. Petersburg, Russia. This is one of the most striking pictures that I have found. What do you see that's different about these students from Russia than students from the US? First off, to me, they don't look like students. The caption that I found along with this picture said that most of these students are wearing Gucci and Prada suit and shoes. These young people look more like business men and women than high school students.

Look at this classroom... How much do you think these students value their eduation?

On a side note... I found a really cool video that relates to our lesson on "Solving a Problem using the Scientific Method Activity." You guys should check it out. It's from youtube, so I downloaded the video so you guys could watch it.