The tone of Four Four Two magazine is informal and tailored so that only football fans can understand the humour and particular subject matters that the magazine touches on. The style of the magazine is mostly factual and humorous, however on occasions Four Four Two has written articles on serious talking points in world football such as racism and homophobia within the game. At times the language can be quite obscene and is only suitable for adult's. Since its first issue was published in 2009 it has had interviews from some of the biggest names in world football including Lionel Messi,Cristiano Ronaldo,Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldinho and David Beckham. The Imagery used in the magazine can be extremely beneficial to fans and players of the game- for players there are tips from professionals discussing tactics and skills to help improve  game play and personal performances, these can be very helpful for young players because it gives them something to aspire to and for fans it gives a lot of insight into players and obscure statistics that fans wouldn't necessarily be expected to know about.

Four Four Two magazine

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