The demonstration of Hang Time

1. Define the Problem

What need or want must be met by the solution?

The distance of the rocket to increase each go round

3. Research and Generating Ideas

In the space below, document your research. Be sure to include proper citations at the end of your notes.

Notes:The first earliest rockets were invented by the Greeks. And then further more developed by the Archytas, as a wooden pigeon. but as of the early 20th century the use of them was for world war 1. And for the future humans studied and achieved stable rocket flights.n

4. Identifying criteria and specifying constraints

What are the criteria and constraints?

5. Exploring possibilities

Reflect on your brainstorm ideas and research notes. Generate any additional designs which you feel meet the criteria and constraints in the space below.

My thoughts on the final presentations of rocket ships was that they should be designed out of different utensils. I’m sure what exactly i prefer, but something different though.

7. Developing a Design Proposal

Take your highest scoring sketch and create working drawings (sketches with dimensions, so that you could build your project). Attach your working drawings to this sheet.

8. Making a model or prototype

In the space below, document (using digital pictures) your construction of the model/prototype. Be sure to include a picture of the final model/prototype.

9. Testing and Evaluating the Design, using specifications

As you create your solution, you will perform tests to make sure that the solution is meeting the needs of the given problem. If you solution does not work, you may need to repeat the previous steps of the Engineering Design Process, until you find a functional design. In the space below, document the type of test you conducted and the results.

Which was April 30th with a hang time of 19.2 seconds

10.Refining the Design

Based on your tests, propose refinements to the design and construction of the design problem in the space below.

The designs were somewhat similar in certain measures. With all three designs there was more things in common than i intended but each still all three performed to a good level on the game show.

11. Creating or Making It

If time allows, modify your model/prototype as proposed in refining the design. What additional steps would be necessary to produce this solution for mass market production?

There certainly would have been a change in the structure such as how the wings were developed, the exact location they was placed and the my parachutes would have been more involved rather than nothing at all

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