Noun. A system of doctrines put forward by an authority, especially a church, to be absolute truth
DOKEIN- "to appear" "to seem" "to think"
DOXA- "opinion" "judgement"

The dogma of the school was clearly stated in the student code of conduct book so that no one could claim they did not know the rules.


Noun. A prediction of the outcome of a disease; any forecast or prediction
GIGNOSKEIN- "to know"

The patient would not accept the prognosis that he would never walk again, and after months of therapy, was finally able to take steps on his own.


Noun. Pretending to have feelings, beliefs, or virtues that one does not have.
KRINEIN- "to separate" "to decide"

Mr. Jones proved his hypocrisy by going on and on about th importance of healthy food to his neighbors, when they could plainly see the McDonalds bag in his car


Noun. A general pardon for offenders, especially for political offenders
MNEMONIKOS- "mindful"

The President has the power to grant amnesty in his role as the judicial leader of the United States.


Noun. A severe mental disorder in which a person becomes unable to act or reason in a rational way, often with delusions and a withdrawal from relationship.
PHREN, PHRENOS- "heart" "mind" "midriff"

Harold's wife remained by his side, even when his schizophrenia worsened and he did not want to be around her.


Noun. The reasons underlying something; often presented as a statement.
RATIO "Reason"
PEOR, REORI, RATUM "to calculate" "to think"

Her refusal to obey was rationale for putting the child in timeout.

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