Muzic was founded on March 25th, 2001 by someone named Olympia Johnson. She was the first child to have found a country in history. After Olympia found the country Muzic, she abondoned her family and became a billionare. Muzic is a very musical country. In Muzic, you have to sing your feelings and dance along aswell.


This country is atheist. We do not believe in god. We believe that things were made by scientist, Scientology, or a higher power. The reason for this is because

Political and Social organization

We have a dictatorship in Muzic. Muzic is very famous for its great sense of talent, especially for singing. Olympia which is the founder, is the dictator. We have a dictatorship because Olympia gets very frustrated when people don't do what she wants. The way this dictatorship works is that when Olympia wants something done she will go and volunteer you do it for her and there are specific rules you have to live by. For example, every Saturday, everyone has to go out and party or if your old go play bingo and sing karaoke.


Muzic does not trade with any other countries. We are very greedy with a lot of things. When countries ask us for food we might be nice and give some to them. It all depends on Olympias mood.


The education in Muzic is very strict. There is school everyday but only from 10 am to 3 pm. The earliest age you can start school is 4. We have pre-K until your senior year. If you fail the first time in that grade all you have to do is answer one easy question and if you get it right you will be passed on to the next grade. After you finish high school, you have a choice of going to college or being Olympias servant which is a 24/7 job. Only 2% of people who leave high school will become servants. School from grades kindergarten to your senior year is $20 per year. College is about $200 for each semester.


Our country is protected by two of the top ranks army's in the world. Every household has an alarm system installed inside and out supported by ADT. When our citizens feel they are in danger, they are allowed to call the police, shoot, or perform self defense.


In Muzic the people speak Ratchet, English, and Spanish. no one is allowed to wear the color blue but has to carry something red with them everyday. The Ratchet language is very similar to English but has different spellings and sounds a bit different.

Climate Region

Muzic is in a tropical zone. We have humid summers and chilly winters.


There are a variety of tropical trees and plants in Muzic which are specifically native to the tropics and also produce foods, coffee and a wide variety of fruits. We also serve Mexican and American foods like fried chicken, enchiladas, tacos, etc.


In Muzic the people live in big cities. We have a population of over 10,000 people. Everyone loves in a house that have 2 or more restrooms and bedrooms. Olympia lives with a handsome man named Niall and they have a huge mansion together.

Relationships to family

All family do not live together. You are allowed to move out of your parents house by the age of 15. All families must get along, if not they will serve severe consequences. Divorce is legal at the age 26. The relationships between parents and children are all different because some kids move out at a young age and never talk to their parents again and some talk everyday. When you get into an argument with you parents, most people have to sing it out.

Creative expression

The citizens of Muzic dance, sing, preform theater, plays, or do sports for fun. This way people get to meet new people and make new friends. It's is not recommended for everyone to do sports. Some people are more into academics and that is perfectly fine. Although everyone in Muzic had to take dance, and choir classes twice a week.

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