Do You Know What Your Mother of the Bride Think About Her Outfit?

Here is a question for all brides or groom: what dress should mom wear for the big day. In common situations, we like to put what we think into action when selecting a dress. There is an old say that "If momma aren't happy, nobody's happy." We do care about our mothers' feeling.

Here is an example of a bride, who asks...
“I really want my mother to be happy with what she chooses to wear for my wedding... but I’m doing too well. She nixes whatever I point out online or in bridal magazines. She says that all the dresses I show her make her look old, dowdy, and very ‘mother-of-the-bride’ — which she is but really doesn’t want to look like! Can you give me some pointers please?”

Sometimes, this condition is what we are facing with. we just do not know what they are thinking about her outift. So, ask her advice for the dresses.

Every mother-of-the-bride that I’ve encountered wants more than anything to look youthful. That means that jackets are out! She might prefer a cleverly tied shawl that suggests a flutter sleeve, or a draped shawl secured in several places to create a shrug. She may also prefer a three-quarter-length sleeve instead of a longer one.

Suggest fabrics to your mom such as updated lace in all-over designs or in appliqués. Jersey, stretch net, and soft tulle are perceived as younger-looking fabrics. Layers and three-dimensional detailing in fresh colors will get her to smile, too.

Last but not least, I suggest that she shop at a bridal boutique in lieu of online or in a department store. That way, she’s less likely to see the dress she wears being worn by one of the guests. Most of all, be as patient and understanding as you can be. Keep in mind that your wedding is also her special day!

Remember, mothers are first women, who want to be younger, lively and beautiful. So, choose the dress according to her thought. If you want to have a big selections, click:

There will be one catering to her taste.

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