Journey To The Center Of Me

Seth Vargas

Bio: I love to play video games. They are practically my life. Just getting submersed in a great story or fighting off an intergalactic invasion with my friends really makes me happy.

March 7 th:

Today, I built my own Gaming PC with the help of my friend, Jorge. After school, we took a short road trip to McAllen and bought everything we needed. We were pretty hungry afterwards, so we stopped by Wallbangers, which is an amazing burger joint, and ate like kings. I spent the night at his house where we built my computer from the ground up. We played so many games and had a lot of fun. What I didn't realize was that he had to lug the whole thing back to my house and reset it in my room. That took us a while, but we got it to work. Now I have an awesome computer in my room to help me with my daily activities and gaming needs. Mostly gaming. Actually, entirely gaming. I don't do anything else with my life, honestly. I lie to make myself feel better. I didn't go to McAllen today. My computer isn't real. My friend Jorge isn't even real. I'm not even here right now. I'm just a figment of your imagination, Mrs. Banda. Wooooooooh.

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March 20th:

Today, I didn't really do much. I went to class and did my work. Although, I don't have many required classes, so "work" is relative. I made plans with my friends to go to the beach this Saturday. But I hate the beach. More specifically, I hate sand. And saltwater. And the sun. I'd much rather go to the pool. The only reason I'm going is because my mom wants to and she's taking my aunt and her kids. So I guess it will be fun just to lay under an umbrella or something. Sand is just horrible. It gets EVERYWHERE and you don't feel clean for about a week afterwards. I'll just lay on a blanket. Yay, blankets.

March 26th:

My weekend totally sucked. On friday, I had to attend this party for my "cousin". He's only my cousin by marriage. And I've never talked to him before and I didn't know any of his family there, so I had to invite my friend. The only reason I went was because my mom wanted me to. Then on Saturday, I went to the beach, which is good for some people, but not for me. I hate the beach. I hate sand, and salt water, and the sun. I just hate the entire experience. Then I got stung by a bee. And on Sunday, I had to mow the lawn. Which sucks because I have a pretty big lawn.

March 31st:

Today is an ok day. Nothing special. I stayed up until 2 in the morning watching the Digimon movie, which brought back ALL the nostalgia. I love that movie so much. I sold some awesome cupcakes today as well. They were buttercream, which are among my favorites. Now Amanda is blaming me for distracting her. Even though it's usually her that gets distracted and tells me to look up things. Oh, well. I'm dead tired. I can't wait to go home, possibly play Arkham Origins, Eat, and then go to bed.

April 1st:

It's April Fools day and it doesn't feel any different from any other day. Today was pretty tiring. Well, not really. I didn't really do anything. I'm just tired because I stayed up until 1 last night watching anime. It was amazing. Who needs sleep anyways? I really like this class and talking to my friends, but sometimes I get a little frustrated. First of all, they're all girls, so sometimes they'll just be talking about girl things and I'm just listening in the back. And then other times, they'll be looking up dresses and I'll just be sitting here, thinking about what I'm going to have for dinner. I can't wait until I graduate. I can't wait to finally put this crappy school behind me.

April 4th:

Man, that black-out thing totally sucked. But at least I didn't have to go to most of my classes. All I did was play Hangman with my classmates. The gym was where it got boring. I didn't see any of my friends there and I was just bored the entire time. So I called my mom and I asked her to pick me up, which she did. I spent the rest of my day just chilling at home and playing games. That was one of the best days of my life.

April 16th:

Man, I really don't want to walk. My last name ends with a "v" and I'll be one of the ones to go last. I'd rather just have my diploma mailed to me. But I can't wait to graduate. I want to put all this high school crap behind me. I'm going to take the summer off. Then I'm going to start my basics at UTPA. I still don't know what I want to major in, so I don't know what I'm going to do afterwards, but I have two years to find out. I'll get a job and finally get my own car.

May 17th:

Yesterday was amazing. First, we had our choir banquet, we all had fun and joked around with each other. The seniors passed down items to the under classman and the under classman made predictions for the seniors about what we would be doing in the future. The food kind of sucked so we all went to pizza hut and had a lot of fun just hanging out and eating. Even the waitress got into it. Afterwards we all went to the movies and watched Godzilla in 3D and X-D. When Godzilla roared, you could feel it in your spine. We didn't get out of the theatre until 1 A.M. It was a legendary night.

May 19th:

Yesterday was my birthday and it couldn't have been better. But since I had to work yesterday, we celebrated it on Saturday. My mom and dad took me to Wallbangers, which is an amazing burger joint in McAllen. We had a lot of good food. Afterwards, I just stayed at home and hung out with my friend Manny. I work with helping my grandmother, like feeding her and keeping her company. And I got my first paycheck today! I'm finally making some real money. I can't wait to finally save up for and afford the things I want.

May 21st:

I had my first final today. It was for English and I'm pretty sure I did an awesome job on it. Then I had an extended period for choir so all I did was play Yu-Gi-Oh with my friends. Yesterday was our concert and  we're finally done with music. From now on it's just chilling and  Yu-Gi-Oh. I can't wait to finish high school. Nothing will please me more. This year totally sucked, looking back on it. Except this class. And my environmental science class. And my English class. And sometimes choir. SOMETIMES. But it'll all be over in a few days.

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