5 Tips On How To Be Safe Online
-By: Jacque Gomez-

Tip #1: Do Not Give Away Personal Information.

* Have "Secret" usernames. Don't use your name, age, or place you live in your username. Example: Don't use this username- FloridaGirl12

* If you make a friend that you don't know in real life, DO NOT tell them your address.

TIP #2: Keep Profile On Private.

* DO NOT accept people's friend request that you don't know.

* If not on private, don't post anything that has to do with where you live, where you are, or your phone number.

Tip #3: Do Not Meet Anyone Offline.

* DO NOT ask people to meet offline, they may be 60 year old men.

* DO NOT say yes to people that want to meet offline.

Tip #4: Tell Parents.

* If someone online is being mean to you, tell an adult that you trust.

* If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, tell your parent.

Tip #5: Do Not Give Away Passwords.

* DO NOT give a password to a friend that you trust, they may give it away to someone.

* Only give your password to a Parent or Guardian.

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