In addition UT coins according to the associated press,

In addition,UT coins according to the associated press, Russia, and Australia, and South Africa, and Brazil, as well as United States MLS clubs, are eagerly looking forward to David Beckham underwear, all you need to lightly flick my sleeves, is so exceedingly beautiful and this is an extraordinary combination of professional sports and entertainment. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA Golden Ball award competition is the focus of world football, but compared to the Beckham and more than 10 years older than they are, two of its most popular stars earning power lag far behind. Salary on the, Messi Ronaldo are to leading 2012 in Los Angeles Galaxy salary 6.5 million dollars of Beckham, however salary only accounted for Beckham revenue one-eighth around, commercial sponsored and market development, let he already is millions millionaire to football capacity and achievements on the, Beckham cannot and Messi Ronaldo compared to, however he of image, and experience and marriage, through career sports and fashion entertainment of integrated operating development, shaped up has a miracle like of commercial symbols.

Although President Florentino Perez last week and met levy, but real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur still no substantive progress on the Bell move. Bell himself has continuously taken strike and training fell out with the Club, legends Club and levy the existence of an agreement, if Tottenham this summer did not have qualified, and a team out the right offer, Tottenham have to let Bell go, Levi is a clear violation of the gentlemen's agreement. Although many have pointed out that it was a verbal agreement is not legally binding, but Spain TV experts blasted the penalty point, Bell and Levi is a written agreement reached by FIFA agent fulangsuowagailaduo said: between Bell and Levi have had such a written agreement, is not only verbal agreements.