Technology Information

Melinda Reed - OMS Technology Coach
615-904-6760, ext 31126
Office - Room 327
I have an open door policy.  Please enter through the library.  My office is located behind the glass windows to the far left as you walk past the checkout counter.  My hallway door stays locked so please enter my office through the library.

Welcome to the start of the new year!  A new year offers us new beginnings. Make this your best year yet! I'm here to assist you in that effort by implementing instructional technology into your lesson plans.  An example of services I can provide for you would be:

  • Co-teaching lessons with you
  • Introducing new programs to students
  • Model lessons with students
  • Provide you with standard specific resources needed for lessons
  • Meet with you and/or your team during planning times for individualized instruction on predetermined needs.

If you are new to our county or to our school and you are unsure of my role at OMS, the complete Technology Coach Job Description can be found here.

Where Do I Start?

As you set up your classroom computers, please be sure to do the following.

  • Make sure everything is plugged in and connected. - Your student machines should still be plugged up.  Your teacher cart should be the only item that will need reconnecting.  
  • Make sure you plug in the 2 cables from the back of the computer cart to the wall. One is for your phone and one is for your computer. Refer to the picture below as a reference.

Peggy McGill - OMS Librarian

  • You will retrieve the remote for your ceiling projector from Mrs. McGill in the library.
  • If you would like to check out an Elmo, this will be done through Mrs. McGill in the library. Please do not just grab one. Mrs. McGill must scan the barcode to check it out to you.
  • Test the projector to make sure it is showing your computer. Plug in the blue projector cable in to the wall prior to turning on your computer.  Please refer to the picture below as a reference.
  • Test out the speakers/audio to make sure these are working.
  • Help out your neighbors/team members (especially new teachers) that may not be familiar with all of these items.

Work Orders

If you have something that is NOT working, email a work order to with the specific details (RCS Tag#, Room#, description).  It is also helpful to our technician if you posted a sticky note on the equipment in question. This allows him to quickly scan for the item causing little disruption to the learning going on in your classroom.  If you can follow these directions, it guarantees we can get your issue rectified quicker!

We will have a technician come to the building one day a week to work on technical issues.

As always at the beginning of the year, there are a lot of things that need to be fixed and set up. We will be working through the issues by priority. Please feel free to go ahead and email the with any of the issues listed below.  Just know the work orders will be completed following the hierarchy listed below.

Work Order Priority Per Central Office Directive:

  1. Office, Cafeteria, and Attendance
  2. Teacher Computers
  3. CTE Student and Lab Computers
  4. Projectors
  5. Printers
  6. Student Computers

Just an FYI...these are an example of the other tasks I will be completing for you during the first quarter:

  • Reviewing and filing of student AUPs as well as making logins for your student
  • Changing phone voicemail messages to reflect current teacher in the room
  • Setting up classes and students in network programs - Please do not attempt to enter your own classes and students into any network program. This needs to be done by one person for uniformity in usernames and passwords. Unfortunately, if you set up your classes/students on your own, all your data will be deleted. Please don't start out your year with the frustration of explaining to your students that all their hard work has been deleted. You MUST wait for me to give you the "ok" that you can begin a program. Thank you so much for following this very important directive!
  • Provide teacher training for webpage creation, INow issues, Edulastic, and MICA

The above items are a small sampling of the beginning of the year routine for me. Thanks again for your patience as I tackle the 2015-2016 set up!

Again, thank you for your patience!

Acceptable Use Policys (AUPs)

I must have a current (present school year) AUP on file in my office for every individual who accesses our network...this includes all teachers, student teachers, staff members, and students.

Additional AUP Requests:

  • Please paperclip your Student AUPs together.
  • Please put your AUPs in alphabetical order, one of your students would love to help you do this.
  • Please wait till you have at least 3/4s of your AUPs turned into you before you send them to me.  It if very difficult to keep up with one or two random AUPs at one time.  I love it when I get a complete class set at one time!

Student Login Information

As student logins are created, I will be releasing student login information by grade level. Once you receive the email confirming your students have access to OMS Technology, you will navigate to Teacher Apps on your school computer desktop to a folder labeled "Student Login Information".  To assist you in this, please watch the short video clip below.

******If you do not have a folder on your desktop labeled Teacher Apps, please notify me immediately!

How will I sign Up for a
Computer Lab?

Student Computer Lab Reservations will open up after the first grade level of students have been issued.  We use a free website called SignUpGenius to reserve our computer labs.  Information on how to sign up for a computer lab will be announced at a later date.

To connect to the RCS Wifi you will need to follow these steps...

  1. Select the RCS-Secure network option
  2. It will then prompt you to give a username and a password
  3. You will enter your email username and password
  4. You will be asked to agree to the terms of using the wifi network when you join.
  5. You will also see that we have another Wifi Network labeled RCS-Guest.  The RCS-Guest Network is the Wifi connection for anyone without an RCS email username and password.  This network is dedicated to the guests that visit our campus. Guests will be required to fill out some basic information and give any alternate email address to gain access.

***Students will login to the wireless network using their computer username and computer password.

      While we are happy to provide Wifi Access to visitors to our campus, however, please note that the RCS-Guest login functions at a slower speed                                      than the access RCS-Secure provides.

***Guests will answer a quick set of user questions and be required to plug in a personal email address to gain access.

I will be hosting after school in-services each month here at OMS.  These inservices will be based on teacher needs within our school.  Dates and times of August inservices will be announced soon.  Please remember that you must login to School Station to sign up for school-based technology inservices.

Clicking on the SchoolStation banner above will take you to the website.  Your username for SchoolStation is your email name minus the "" ending.  For example, my SchoolStation username is reedm.

The password for SchoolStation is generically set for boro.  Once you sign in to SchoolStation for the first time, you NEED to change your password to something more unique to you.

Important Reminders:

  • Parent/Student checklists are due beginning as soon as possible. Please follow previous directions I emailed out.  ALL students must turn in their paperwork before they will be permitted to use our network. Please remember these are HIGH priority because it also has screening, textbook, and other information on it as well.
  • Please follow the instructions for work orders to ensure that they are completed in an orderly manner. I know that getting things working for you is the most important matter and we are here to help.  By completing this process correctly, it will help to speed up the process. Refer to my directions above about submitting work orders.
  • Network programs-I will let you know when network programs are up and running.
  • Webpages-Please update your webpage for the current year. If you have not done webpage training, you will need to attend an upcoming session. County policy is that all web pages (including sports pages) must be hosted on the county's server and cannot link to an external server.
  • Email is for school use. Please do not send or forward jokes, political or religious emails. RCS email should not be used to sell things. Email is considered public information so don't send anything that you do not want others to see.
  • IMPORTANT- As the school year starts please remember that NO technology is to be moved out of a room. If it is something that is not working please submit a work order.
  • To email the entire faculty, send the email to